The Church of St Peter and St Paul

              New NHS Support Clinic

NHS Hearing Aid Assistance

Now, how do I start this article?
Oh, I know! I’ve just turned the radio off – deathly silence – now I hear the catflap, and my beautiful cat purring in my ear on the table. A letter landing on the floor after it sails through the letterbox and the postman walking off down the side passage.

We can all think of dozens of sounds we encounter in our everyday lives which we with good hearing take for granted. People with hearing difficulties or impairment may have one or two hearing aids to assist them in picking up the sounds in their everyday lives. At a hearing aid assessment, the audiologist will programme aids to the individual’s specific requirements. Assessments are carried out, roughly, every 2 ½ years. In between these assessments however, aids may need routine maintenance such as renewal of batteries, re-tubing and general cleaning. Very often, if an individual is having difficulty with an aid or ‘doesn’t get on with it’, the problem is that it is not placed correctly within the ear. Advice and/or maintenance between assessments may prove to be very useful.

To provide such advice/maintenance, we are running a drop-in clinic at Saints Peter and Paul’s Church, Nutfield on the first Saturday of every month from 10 am to 12 noon.

Our clinic has been running now for 3 months and advertising and word-of-mouth communication has enabled us to assist quite a few people so far, and those we have seen have been very appreciative. We would like to help others if we can and we would be very pleased if you were to come along. No appointment is necessary.
This service is free to all NHS aid users, just bring your battery book please.
The service is provided under the auspices of the NHS First Community Health & Care Audio Services Crawley.
We thank our advertisers and the Church for their support.

Derek and his assistant Janet look forward to being of help to you.