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If anyone is interested in having a stall at this year's Christmas Craft Fair, to be held 10.00 am - 2.00pm in church on Saturday 24th November, please contact Gilly, Julia, Clare or Kristy. Stalls are £15 and there are tables to be had for those with Christmas goodies to sell

On the first Saturday of every month (except January) we meet at around 10am to do some work in our churchyard. This is followed by a ploughman's lunch between 12:30 and 2.00 pm. These lunches are most enjoyable and are also popular with non-gardeners. The churchyard is large and there are not many volunteers to carry out the work, so we would always welcome an extra pair of hands. Gardening experience is not required, as we will show you what to do. We don't mind how long you have to spare - even half an hour would be appreciated. Those who tend the churchyard are getting on a bit, so do come and give us a hand if possible - it's quite good fun!

Lay Champion

A big thank you to Mark Tantum for taking on the role of Lay Champion for us. You may have received an email from Revd Phe explaining this and the survey required by the Diocese, If not there are letters at the back of the church for you to pick up and read. For more Information or to complete the survey that we have been asked to do by the Southwark Diocese.
Follow the link

Contact Revd. Phe, the Rector on 01883 743252 if you would like to be visited or if there is anyone you would like prayed for at our daily prayer times during the week and also whether you would like that person mentioned during the intercessions at our Sunday services.

Revd. Phe runs a 'HATCH AND MATCH' CLINIC, on the first Wednesday of each month for those wishing to book weddings and Baptisms, contact the Benefice Office

01883 818324

Do you have a passion to help the wider church flourish and grow?
Although we currently have two representatives on Deanery Synod (Julia and Catherine), we have a vacancy for a 3rd.
Deanery Synods are the formal meetings (3 times a year) of a deanery, a group of parishes in a geographical area which forms a link between the parishes and the wider church, including the Diocese. Deanery Synods meet to focus on the mission and ministry in an area as well as provide a channel for sharing information. Occasionally Synods are required to take formal decisions, sometimes by means of a vote.
The post is for 3 years. for further information, please speak to either Catherine, Julia or Revd, Phe.

Fabric Working Parties

It was agreed at PCC that there is a need in both parishes for a group of willing volunteers to help with maintaining the fabric of both Churches, carrying out simple jobs and generally looking after the buildings. This is planned to be more of a working party than a committee, led by Churchwardens who call in volunteers. In Bletchingley we had immediate offers from Richard Fowler, Jeff Marks, Ed Muller, Sandi Roper, Rob Tucker and Robin Idle. In Nutfield, Alan Harris tends to lead this with Duncan Thompson, John Bartlett and Brian Lyus usually volunteering their involvement. Shereen Barros stated that she was happy to be called to volunteer in either church. If you feel you could lend a hand and would like to be added to either group, please let a Churchwarden know who I’m sure will accept your kind offer of help with open arms.


For the past three years a group of us have been sponsoring Faith, a Zimbabwean student studying at the university at Gweru. She's an extremely bright and conscientious young lady who passes  just about all her subjects with distinctions.
Her three year course has become a four year course as it involved a year of work experience on top of the three academic years. This, together with changes in the rate of exchange, has left us short of funds. Are any of you willing to make a one-off donation to help? We don't want to let her down in this, her final year. Any contribution, no matter how small, would be gratefully appreciated. Cheques may be made out to Nutfield PCC.
Thank you




I asked Faith, to tell me a bit about her life and her family. Unfortunately I cannot include all she said, but I have summarised it, which will hopefully put you in the picture.

Faith, the second of six children, grew up in a very poor family where there was no money at all. In Zimbabwe education has to be paid for - failure to pay means the child is sent home. Her father paid for her primary education by giving the school goats and chickens. Her obligatory school uniform was old and torn and she wore no shoes. When she started at secondary school her uncle transferred her to a school where he was teaching and he paid her fees. In the meantime their house had burnt down and her older brother, who was about to sit his O level exams, had to abandon his schooling, as everything the family possessed was lost in the fire. When Faith was an O level student her father started growing sorghum which he sold to pay for the school fees. She finished her A levels and wanted to go to university, but this was totally unaffordable, so she took a job doing housework in the hope that she would be able to save up for her studies. She then met a lady who made enquiries through the cathedral in Gweru which eventually led to a group of us sponsoring her. She is due to graduate at the end of the year as a Development Practitioner and she is hoping to pass with distinctions, which is what she usually does. In her email to me Faith started by saying " what a sad story with a happy ending." I think that sums it up.

Audio clinic for NHS hearing aid users

This is free and takes place on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10:00am - noon at St Peter & St Paul's Church Nutfield. 

Click here for Details

Surrey Church Pledges Support for a Prayer Book
‘Used By Countless Previous Generations’

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Plea for Help with Mowing

We'd be very grateful to have some volunteers to help with cutting the grass. The churchyard is  divided into sections with ideally two people in charge of each section. Mowing usually starts in February and extends to the end of October or beginning of November, depending on the weather. It needs cutting every two weeks, so with two people per   section this would mean each person would mow once a month for 1 - 1 1/2  hours, depending on the size of your patch.
If you think you could help, or if you'd like to find out more first, please contact

Charmaine on 01737 823360.

The Fundraising Team

The Prayer Group
The next meeting will be at
1 Braes Mead, South Nutfield
on Monday 8th Oct at 2:15pm. 
All are most welcome.
If you have anything you would like the group to pray for but cannot attend, please let Gilly know. The group meets every second Monday of the month at Gilly's at 2:15pm

Resourcing God’s mission in Southwark Diocese.

One of the important things about the Church of England is that it works together. Rather than each church paying for its own vicar and all the other costs of ministry, resources are pooled with richer parishes supporting poorer ones. This means clergy can be put in the places where they are needed most. So a more affluent parish with fewer people in it may have a half-time priest, while a less affluent inner city parish may need a full-time priest.
Southwark Diocese are implementing a new way of seeking to fund the work of parishes.

For more details click here

Arrangements for the Newsletters
John Buck
has taken over the weekly sheet so any items for inclusion should go to him please.
Tel: 01883 742934 or email to

The Parish Assistant 
is producing the monthly newsletter now.  Please send any articles/notices to her by the 25th of the month.

Volunteers for Cleaning
If you could give an hour or two to help with cleaning at Nutfield, please contact Gilly or Charmaine.

Bell ringing
Have you thought about becoming one of our bell-ringers? Bell ringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit... it also makes a glorious sound! Many ringers consider ringing to be their contribution to church or village life, others do it for the pure pleasure it brings. Ringers come from all walks of life and range in age from ten to those in their eighties. New ringers are always welcome. Why not come and see whether it would interest you – we are seeking more ringers now to expand our existing bands to help to maintain this very traditional skill.
You will find our ringers in the church towers every practice evening:
Tuesdays  from 7.30pm until 9.15pm (with a coffee break about 8.15!)
Click here for more information  about
Bell Ringing at Nutfield

Have you ever wondered what and who the PCC are?
They are a group of people elected at the APCM who passionately want to work for the church we all love and further the work of the Anglican Communion within our parish and beyond.
they are a fun group of people doing a very serious and responsible job. If you would like to find out more, then 
ask a member of the PCC.

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Rector's Day Off - Monday

Please leave a message on her answering machine on other days
or send an e-mail if she is not immediately available.