The Church of St Peter and St Paul

                        Thought for the week

9 June 2024 - A year in Surrey

Reflecting on the past year, it's truly remarkable to see the strides we've made as a benefice. Our collective efforts have led to significant accomplishments, and yet, there's still a world of potential ahead. I feel deeply privileged to have been entrusted with the responsibility to carry on the work of Christ and share the transformative message of Jesus with our community.

We often miss what God is doing now, but we can see it more clearly when we take the time to pause and ponder. Daily prayer is a vital part of my purpose; I hope it is for you.

My personal relationship with Jesus has been a profound source of strength and solace. It has taught me to approach life's challenges with a spirit of openness and vulnerability, enabling me to embrace love and openness in all situations. This past year has been a testament to the power of faith in navigating everyday situations and delicate matters.

The call is where the joy and fulfilment come from. Out of all the people on the planet, God called me to be the person and priest I am, right here in Bletchingley and Nutfield. I didn’t choose this as a profession, God called me to it. This one fact has strengthened me in the moments of joy and those of challenge all the other life questions became much easier.

People often ask me if “I am happy here” I feel more joy than I have ever experienced before. Is the ministry always happy? No, because happiness is determined by what happens to you. But there is a joy amid tragedies and triumphs that can’t be explained any other way than by saying, “God called me to this, and I am content with that.”

As the chorus says: Give thanks with a grateful heart…..

In His service

Father Paul