The Church of St Peter and St Paul


Winter Night Shelter

Renewed Hope Trust

Crawley Open House/Welcare have asked us for donations of non-perishable Christmas food, such as mince pies, Christmas cake, etc.
Any donations can be left in a box at the back of St Peter and St Paul's
Church, Nutfield:-  
Thank you very much

Room at the inn?   

Small charity HOST is seeking friendly people who would like to learn more about other countries and cultures and share their home life with adult international students at UK universities. Young adults from many countries would love to have a short homely break and discover the real life of this country.
Host Kit Millington-Hore wrote "Meeting students from around the world is hugely fulfilling and satisfying. Watching their pleasure as you introduce them to our ways of living, particularly over Christmas, is extremely rewarding."
Visits can be for a day, weekend, or four days at Christmas. Offering a Christmas invitation to someone who would otherwise be alone on a University campus can make a big difference. Invitations are urgently needed from volunteer hosts, no matter their age, or how far they live from a university. To find out more, or to be put in touch with your local organiser, please visit or call 020 7739 6292.

Fundraising for Zimbabwe

Abel Katito, who sees to the needs of the AIDS orphans being cared for by St Cuthbert's Cathedral, Gweru is always so thankful to everyone here who supports the orphans. He has just sent special thanks to the ladies who baked cakes for the Brockham tea. The financial help we provide makes a real difference.
These children we support are innocent victims of circumstance. Losing both parents must leave them sad beyond words, and bewildered. It is easy to gloss over the emotions of people in distant countries where misfortune is part of daily life. But the pain that they feel is no different from that which we would feel. We are all human.
Usually the grandparents have to take responsibility, but in the ab-sence of grandparents and where other family members are unable to help, the situation becomes desperate. Without help from the church, who knows what would become of these children.
It is understandable that some people are hesitant or even opposed to sending money to a country where corruption is rife. (The economy is in a bad way too and food shortages are being predicted again.) The funds that we send go via the Diocese with strict instructions as to what they are designated for and to whom they are to be sent - in this case for the attention of Abel. Of course there is some risk attached to sending money abroad, especially to an African country,
Charmaine Lyus

Appeal: The College of St Barnabas

The College of St Barnabas, located near Lingfield, is a residential community providing accommodation and nursing facilities for retired Anglican clergy and their wives and widows, as it has done for more than a century. Lord Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury and a Patron of the Col-lege of St Barnabas, has written to us appealing for contributions to repair the fabric of the College’s chapel building. Damp is penetrating the walls, threatening the reredos and several important works of art, and the roof also now needs replacing. The expected cost of repairing the Chapel is £120,000. This will ensure that the building remains sound for the next hundred years, enabling generations of future residents to participate in the worshipping life of the community. Nutfield PCC has agreed to make a donation of £100 towards the appeal, but individuals might like to contribute too. If you would like to help, please send your donation to: Lord Carey of Clifton, The College of St Barnabas
     Blackberry Lane, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6NJ

If you are a UK taxpayer, please indicate if your donation can be gift aided, as this will increase its value by 25% at no additional cost to you. Cheques should be made payable to The College of St Barnabas.
Brian Lyus


Crawley Open House provides care for people suffering the effects of unemployment, homelessness, loneliness, discrimination and social exclusion.
During the cold months there is always a desperate need for thermos flasks and duvets, sleeping bags, eiderdowns and blankets.  A thermos flask filled with either a hot drink or food from the day centre is a great source of comfort to a homeless person on a cold night.
Duvets etc usually get soaked in wet weather.  These can be returned to Crawley Open House, where they are dried and, supplies permitting, swapped for a fresh one.
The services supplied by Crawley Open House cannot be praised highly enough.  They need our continued support, so please keep those donations coming in.
Any donations can be left in a box at the back of the church.

The Welcare Food Store at Redhill urgently needs Children's clothing particularly for 2-4 year olds and non-perishable items to make up food bags for struggling local families. Donations of Tinned/packet desserts, Pasta and Rice, Biscuits, Cereals, Tinned Meat, Tinned Fish are also needed.
If you could buy an extra item when you go shopping and donate it for Welcare it would be very much appreciated. Please leave it in church in the box marked “Welcare Food Store“.

Sponsoring a University Student in Zimbabwe
A group of us is sponsoring a bright girl called Faith through university. Once she has completed her degree she will be able to support her family and hopefully provide opportunities for some of her younger siblings. Faith has another three years to go, one of which will be a work experience year. As we have now decided to help her with her board and lodging, food and books we need a few more sponsors to raise an extra £400 per annum. Perhaps a group of people might like to each donate £50 or £100 a year. Fees are paid in early January. This is an opportunity not just to enable one enthusiastic young person to achieve what would normally be impossible, but also to provide better prospects for a whole family. If you have any queries or would like to help, please contact Charmaine at or 01737 823360.