The Church of St Peter and St Paul

It is hard to be separated from someone you love.  At St. Peter and St. Paul Church, we are privileged to walk alongside those who are suffering the pain of bereavement.

This includes conducting funeral services or memorial services.  But there is much more.  Before a funeral service, the priest will visit the bereaved family. After the funeral service is over, a member of our Pastoral Team will contact you, to see how you are getting on. 
However, if you wish to speak to Father Paul directly, please email

Once a year, around the beginning of November (All Souls' Day), we hold a special service in Church, remembering those who have died and giving thanks for their lives. 

Arranging a funeral 
We can offer you a number of services that suit your circumstances:

  • A funeral service in the church, and your loved one is taken for a private cremation. This is often a more straightforward arrangement as you can arrange your Wake locally, immediately after the service.- A funeral service is in the church, followed by a burial in a local cemetery;
  • A funeral service in the church followed by a short service at the crematorium;
  • A funeral service at the crematorium; 
You are welcome to speak to Father Paul directly about availability, and you can contact him by:
  • calling 01883 743 252 or Mobile 07565 766 901 or
  • email: